Car T Cell Therapy for different types of cancer by best Cancer Specialist in Delhi

CAR-T Cell Therapy

CAR-T cell therapy, short for Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell therapy, is a groundbreaking form of immunotherapy that harnesses the power of a patient’s immune system to fight cancer. It involves a complex process where T cells, a type of immune cell, are extracted from the patient’s blood and genetically engineered to express chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) on their surface. These CARs enable the T cells to recognize and target specific proteins present on cancer cells.

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Types of CAR-T Cell Therapy

  1. T Cell Collection: T cells are collected from the patient through a process called leukapheresis, where blood is drawn, T cells are separated, and the remaining blood components are returned to the patient.

  2. Genetic Engineering: In the laboratory, the collected T cells are genetically engineered to express CARs on their surface. These CARs are designed to target specific cancer-associated antigens.

  3. CAR-T Cell Expansion: The genetically modified CAR-T cells are allowed to multiply and expand in number to create a sufficient quantity of CAR-T cells for treatment.

  4. Preparation for Infusion: Once the CAR-T cells reach the desired number, they are prepared for infusion back into the patient.

  5. Infusion of CAR-T Cells: The CAR-T cells are infused back into the patient’s bloodstream, where they recognize and attack cancer cells expressing the targeted antigen.

Car T Cell Therapy for different types of cancer by best Cancer Specialist in Delhi

CAR-T Cell Therapy for Different Cancers

  1. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL): CAR-T cell therapy has demonstrated significant efficacy in treating children and young adults with relapsed or refractory ALL.

  2. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL): Specific subtypes of NHL, such as diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and mantle cell lymphoma, have shown positive responses to CAR-T cell therapy.

Benefits of CAR-T Cell Therapy

  • Targeted Precision: CAR-T cells are designed to specifically target cancer cells, minimizing damage to healthy cells.

  • Prolonged Effect: CAR-T cells can persist in the body for an extended period, providing ongoing surveillance against cancer cells.

  • Potential for Long-Term Remission: Some patients have achieved long-term remission and even potential cures with CAR-T cell therapy.

Car T Cell Therapy for different types of cancer by best Cancer Specialist in Delhi


CAR-T cell therapy is a form of immunotherapy where T cells are genetically engineered to express chimeric antigen receptors, allowing them to target and destroy cancer cells.

Currently, CAR-T cell therapy has shown significant success in treating certain types of blood cancers, including ALL and specific subtypes of NHL.

CAR-T cell therapy can cause side effects, known as cytokine release syndrome and neurologic toxicity, which can range from mild to severe. However, medical teams closely monitor and manage these side effects.

For some patients, CAR-T cell therapy can lead to long-term remission or even potential cures. However, ongoing research is focused on improving its efficacy and durability.

The process of CAR-T cell therapy typically takes a few weeks from T cell collection to the infusion of engineered CAR-T cells.

The success rates of CAR-T cell therapy vary depending on the type and stage of cancer, as well as individual patient factors.

Research is ongoing to explore the potential of combining CAR-T cell therapy with other treatments to further improve treatment outcomes.

Researchers are continually working to enhance the effectiveness and safety of CAR-T cell therapy, as well as expanding its applications to treat other types of cancer.

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